Keys Policy

Our office policy regarding the release of keys at closing. If the parties have funded and provided proof of funding, the keys are to be released to buyer(s). We will not handle the release of keys and ask that the agents discuss this with each other and the parties. 

This is due to closings funding after 5pm and our office being closed where keys cannot be collected until the following business day.

Identification and Notary Policy

Identification is required for all parties who are signing, buyer(s) and seller(s). We require a valid, unexpired driver's license. If the party does not have one, then a valid passport can be provided. 

Out of office closings, if we are handling seller side, we require that our office schedules the notary that will be used for the closing. We will schedule a notary to be sent to the party with the necessary documents, they will make a copy of the identification and provide the originals to us. No outside notary may be used. 

1099-S Policy

Our office policy regarding 1099-S forms for the following tax year are as follows:

At closing, you will be given a 1099-S with your closing documents. Keep these in your records as we will not be mailing out another copy as one was already provided.